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Monthly newsletter – April 2023

April is the perfect month to talk about money with kids since they may have received money for Easter.

They say that children start to understand that things aren't free when they're around 4 or 5. You can start teaching them that they can't have everything. Check out some activities for toddlers - External link.. You can also do some activities - External link. with older children to help them understand that getting something means giving up something else. This is called opportunity cost.

Did you know that you can offer specific help for your loved ones?

In fact, the law to better protect vulnerable persons, which came into force last fall, provides for some activities for toddlers - External link.. You can also do some temporary representation - External link. within the framework of a very specific mandate, like selling a house, which ends when the act has been completed.

Another sensitive issue for your loved ones is how family members in a family business talk to each other. A negative, even toxic, atmosphere can develop when things aren't handled properly. According to an expert, there are solutions - External link. (in French only).

See you soon!

The AAA credit-rating club is getting cozy and Canada stands to benefit from it

The number of countries with a pristine credit rating is shrinking and fund managers say Canada stands to benefit from being in the ever-more exclusive club.

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The 7 Best Luggage Trackers of 2023

These are our favorite effective and easy-to-use bag trackers. We independently evaluate all recommended products and services.

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12 of the best things to do in Florida

Florida is blessed with more than 1300 miles of beautiful coastline and a party vibe that pervades everywhere from the Panhandle to South Beach and the Florida Keys. But for travelers who want to dive deeper into the Sunshine State, all manner of surprising adventures and wildlife encounters await.

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