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Ever since we founded our team over a decade ago, we’ve worked to bring together professionals with complementary skills who treat their clients like family.

We want to:

  • Help you build and expand the wealth that will secure the future for you and your loved ones
  • Support you through the major milestones of your life, such as when you retire, transfer your assets or sell your business
  • Assist you with managing your finances on a day-to-day basis
  • Edith Beaucage CIWM, MBA, B.Sc., FCSI®, CIM®

    Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager

    Passionate by numbers since a very young age, Edith graduated from the Université de Montreal (UdeM) with a bachelor's degree in economics and steadily worked her way up the ranks. 

    She earned an Achievement Award by the Canadian Securities Institute when completing the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation in 2021.  

    But its not all! To strengthen her management skills, Edith pursued an executive MBA at Université du Québec à Montreal (UQAM) and Paris Dauphine University in France.

    Later on, Edith gained a lot of experience through her various management positions as a trader on the Montréal Exchange, a bond trader for a large brokerage firm, and later as a portfolio manager.

    In 2008, she co-founded Beaucage Bruneau Groupe Conseil with Christian Bruneau, a colleague who has long shared her vision of financial planning and wealth management. Together, they run their teams like a boutique firm, each with their own specialty, perfectly complementing one another according to the highly specialized needs of the families they serve.

    Edith excels at problem solving. She stands out for her risk management skills and human approach to numbers. It's her knowledge of the finest details, the small differences between one decision and another, that puts her in such good stead with clients who are managing significant family assets.

    Above all else, she works to protect the well-being of her clients and their loved ones: it's her driving force. Her actions are guided by their interests. Her work isn't done on an hourly basis, like many other professionals, but rather as a series of concerted decisions with the clear objective of building wealth, for the greater benefit of the people who created it.

    Her background gives her a unique perspective and approach, an almost unrivaled combination of skills and knowledge that she has put to work for her clients for more than 3 decades. And there's nothing else she'd rather do!

    Her deepest wish is to reconcile women with their finances, because we can all gain something by taking an interest in our assets and financial security.

     "Managing the nuances of an ecosystem that combines finance, people and expertise is a huge privilege and I love every day of it."

    While she has a talent for finance, Excel sheets and never-ending columns of numbers, Edith also likes to let loose. Especially out in the countryside. She and her partner run a small farm with their young children, where they grow organic vegetables.

    Edith is an amateur foodie who is passionate about organic farming. Her favourite moments are when everyone is happily gathered around the table, creating beautiful memories for a future that she hopes will be comfortable for all of them.

    You can count on her to make that happen.

  • Christian Bruneau CIWM, BBA, F. Pl

    Wealth Manager, Financial Planner

    With more than 25 years in the financial service industry, Christian Bruneau has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Université du Québec à Montréal and also an IQPF -financial planner certification.

    He has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and so, after 10 years as an investment advisor for an independent firm, he left to co-found a specialized wealth management team. His goal was to meet the deeply complex needs of discerning high-net-worth clients, and that team grew into Beaucage Bruneau Groupe Conseil.

    Over the years, Christian has become a trusted advisor to the clients and families that Beaucage Bruneau is privileged to assist, whether for wealth preservation, capital growth, setting up a family trust, arranging a bequest, or transitioning to the next generation.

    In fact, Christian earned his Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation, recognized worldwide as a top credential for wealth management, specifically to be able to offer a service that meets the varied and complex needs of a wealthy clientele.

    "Entrepreneurs and business families are a source of wealth for all societies."

    Christian is also dedicated to his community. He's a former president of the Sainte-Thérèse Lions Club, an organization committed to serving youth, and has been a member since 2000.

    He's also an active supporter of the MS Society of Canada; the disease has taken a serious toll on people he knows and loves. In addition to making donations, he volunteers his time when he can. He also supports the Moisson Laurentides food bank, which helps local people in need.

    Christian loves nature and the great outdoors. He's a family person who appreciates beautiful things, architecture and cuisine. He likes to unwind on the greens, even if he feels his performance isn't often (or isn't yet) up to par! 

  • Sophia Bouchard BBA

    Assistant Wealth Management Advisor

    Sophia Bouchard has a real passion for finance and wealth management. She joined Beaucage Bruneau almost a year ago and helps take care of day-to-day wealth management activities. She oversees the team's operational tasks, among other things.

    Sophia graduated from HEC Montréal's trilingual Bachelor of Business Administration program in 2021, majoring in finance. Once she earns her professional designations, she'd like to become a portfolio manager.

    After graduating, Sophia chose to put her knowledge of stock markets and personal finance to work for Desjardins.

    Above all else, it was Beaucage Bruneau's management philosophy that resonated with her when she made the switch from a caisse to an independent affiliated group.

    "I chose to work at Beaucage Bruneau because the founders' values really resonate with me: the importance of family, building lasting relationships and a strong commitment to the well-being of our clients and their loved ones."

    From a young age, Sophia enjoys challenges. It's no coincidence that during her time at university, she participated in a trading club, an inter-university trade exchange simulation and a real estate competition. She and her team represented HEC Montréal in Copenhagen, Denmark, as part of a student exchange where she won an award for her leadership abilities and dedication.

    Sophia, who describes herself as a ball of energy has a strong interest for responsible investments. She hopes she can inspire other women to consider careers in finance, or at the very least, encourage them to learn more about it.

    Sophia loves the outdoors, world cuisine and travelling. She's also a formidable volleyball player.

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