Our investment philosophy

Your family, your career, your resources and your dreams make you a one-of-a-kind investor. We can develop a financial strategy that’s just right for you—quickly and efficiently.

We’ll customize your investment portfolio based on:

  • Your personal, family and professional situations
  • Your current financial situation (income, debt and assets)
  • Your life goals
  • Your liquidity needs
  • Your risk tolerance
  • Your core values, particularly with respect to responsible and sustainable development

To limit the impact of volatility and protect your assets from market fluctuations, we favour portfolios that are:

  • Balanced by asset class (geographic areas and/or activity sectors)
  • Adaptable, which means they’re easily able to keep pace with macroeconomic variations and life events

All our recommendations are based on in-depth analyses, statistical research and risk calculations that rely on worldwide databases.

Our 5-step approach

  1. We assess your overall situation to take stock of your finances and determine the variables (family, psychological, tax, etc.) of your own equation.
  2. We develop an investment strategy and propose a winning combination of assets for your portfolio.
  3. We apply our strategy and use the right investment vehicles for you.
  4. We track investment performance, factors affecting the economic ecosystem and new growth opportunities—regularly and diligently.
  5. We adjust your portfolio based on step 3 and your changing needs.
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