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Services marked with asterisk are provided by Desjardins Securities Financial Services Inc., a caisse or an external professional.

Your personalized financial strategy

In finance, one decision often leads to the next. For example, a new investment may impact your taxes and retirement income. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach that includes a unified plan to bring together all aspects of your life and wealth.

Asset management

Depending on your life goals and risk tolerance, we put together a tailored investment policy and suggest financial vehicles that suit your needs.

Risk management

To protect your family and your assets, we recommend protection mechanisms* to ensure that your business can keep going and your loved ones can maintain their quality of life, whatever the future brings.


Building a lasting legacy is an admirable goal. Minimizing the taxes you have to pay will take you one step further. Smart investment choices and proper estate planning could help you cut down on your current and future taxes.

Multigenerational planning

If family harmony is a priority for you, you should start planning how to transfer your assets to the next generation. This could also reduce the tax burden upon your death and even cover funeral expenses.


True wealth has both a financial and a human aspect: aside from money, you have strong community values such as solidarity, compassion and sustainability. We can help you maximize the impact and tax-efficiency of your endeavours, whether through a private foundation or planned giving.

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