What sets us apart

Long-term vision and immediate benefits

You can have it all.

Financial success is rarely a matter of chance. We understand what’s at stake, which is why we rely on innovation and rock-solid investment principles to boost your savings and make your success meaningful.

World-class research tools

We use Desjardins studies in combination with the most sophisticated databases in the industry:

  • Morningstar Direct
  • MRB Research
  • BCA Research

They help us develop portfolio scenarios, analyze investment volatility and strike the right balance between security and growth.

Dimensional Certification

Édith Beaucage is one of a select few advisors in Canada authorized to distribute Dimensional Funds.

This innovative firm applies financial science to investment markets, such as the insights of Eugene Fama, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Economics.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

SRI is an approach to investing that includes ethical considerations among its selection criteria:

  • The environment
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Governance

As a member of the Principles for Responsible Investment Academy, Édith is proud to assist investors who want to combine individual success with social progress.

A value-added network

Over the years we’ve built a network of wealth management partners who supplement our team’s skills with their own legal, accounting, tax or real estate expertise.

Of course, if you already have your own advisors and specialists, we’ll work with them to make sure all your financial decisions are aligned.

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