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Monthly newsletter — September 2023

Did you know that September 29 is World Heart Day?

The last Friday of the month is an opportunity to raise awareness about the risk of heart disease, the world's leading cause of death.

We recently learned that life expectancy has decreased in Canada - External link. (article in French only) in 2021. For people in Quebec, however, life expectancy remains a little higher than the rest of Canada. As reported by the Montreal Heart Institute reported, adopting a healthy lifestyle - External link. and exercising can help you.

Take care!

Insurance costs rising as 'catastrophic events' become the norm

The wildfires plaguing residents in Alberta and Nova Scotia are part of a larger trend that's driving up the cost of home insurance as extreme weather becomes more common, insurance experts say.

Read the article - External link.

Every developer has opted to pay Montreal instead of building affordable housing, under new bylaw

Two years after Valérie Plante's administration said a new housing bylaw would lead to the construction of 600 new social housing units per year, the city hasn't seen a single one.

Read the article - External link.

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