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Monthly newsletter — October 2023

Did you know October is National Retirement Security Month? There's no better time to review your financial planning and goals for this important life stage.

Even when inflation rises and markets fall, sticking to your plan is the best way to achieve your objectives, according to this insightful article (in French only).

When thinking about retirement, you may find it helpful to learn more about compound interest, consider earning additional income or use a retirement savings calculator. Other tips and tricks for planning an optimal retirement are available here.

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Separation and divorce: How to split investments?

When a relationship breaks down, there are tax implications arising from the division of investment assets. This article focuses on the division of assets for common law and married spouses.

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The crypto market bears the scars of FTX's collapse

The global cryptocurrency market remains badly scarred following the tumultuous collapse of crypto exchange FTX and other big players last year, with crypto prices, volumes and venture capital investment well below their 2021 peaks.

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Supreme Court will hear airlines' challenge of federal passenger protection rules

The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear an appeal on a case concerning the scope of Canada's protections for air travellers, including rules for compensating passengers for cancelled or delayed flights and lost baggage.

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