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Monthly newsletter — August 2023

August 26 is an important day for women in the US.

It marks Women's Equality Day to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the US constitutional amendment that officially granted women the right to vote. In Canada, most women were granted the right to vote 2 years earlier. In Quebec, women gained the right to vote on April 18, 1940.

This was an important step towards women's empowerment. According to a study - External link., women are still having difficulty getting wealth management advice.

Speaking of the US, did you know that study - External link. its economy continued to beat the odds in the second quarter?

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Cancer and travel insurance: Can you get coverage?

You know that medical care can cost a fortune if you’re travelling in another country. For that reason, you always buy travel insurance before you leave.

Read the article - External link.

Canadians travelling to Europe in 2024 will need a permit to enter some countries

Starting in 2024, Canadian travellers seeking a short-term visit to 30 countries including France, Switzerland, Spain and Greece must apply to the European Travel Information and Authorisation System.

Read the article - External link.

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