What sets the Vazzoler-Dumont Team apart

We work to design a personalized, long-term, tax-smart strategy that meets your financial needs.
We help you minimize income tax and penalties on the assets you leave to your loved ones.
We have a discretionary management service so transactions can be made quickly to take advantage of market fluctuations.
An Excellence accredited team

Our wealth management client approach

Our approach

Build, manage and transfer your wealth

Whatever the stage of your life, Desjardins Securities' Vazzoler-Dumont Team assists you by offering you a complete range of wealth management and portfolio management products and services.

From the first meeting, a bond of trust is forged. Constantly listening to you to clearly identify your needs is the cornerstone of a profitable relationship with an experienced investment advisor.

A wealth management professional must always make sure you fully understand all the issues related to your file before consenting to the customized plan proposed to you. Honest communication and transparency are a must throughout the process.

For the members of the Vazzoler-Dumont Team, financial planning is as important as portfolio management, because their approach is geared towards long-term success.

The objective of the investment advisors of Desjardins Securities' Vazzoler-Dumont Team is to achieve superior returns1 while minimizing volatility. Discipline and soundrisk control enable you to obtain a value-added service at the best possible cost.

Social Commitment

For many years now, the Vazzoler-Dumont Team has contributed to many fundraising campaigns and supported various organizations. More than $200,000 has been allocated to special projects in the Suroît region.

With the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation

The Foundation supports organizations that contribute to the well-being of children in need by encouraging them to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. Our team participates in various fundraisers for the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation:

  • One day a year, we donate our commissions to the Foundation.
  • We participate in and contribute financially to the Foundation’s annual golf tournament.
  • We organized a benefit supper in October 2015, with Guy Lafleur serving as honorary chair, which helped raise $24,000.

The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation redistributes all the money raised by our team to organizations that help children in our region.

Mr. Louis Vazzoler is registered as a portfolio manager with self-regulatory organizations. He is authorized under IIROC Regulation 1300 to make investment decisions and to give advice on securities for managed accounts. With the exception of Mr. Louis Vazzoler, no member of the Louis Vazzoler team may exercise discretionary authority with respect to a client’s account or approve discretionary orders for a managed account, or participate in the formulation of investment decisions made on behalf of or advice given with regard to a managed account.

  1. A return objective is not a return guarantee.Return to footnote 1 referrer
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