Ouellet-Bolduc Group Foundation

Ouellet Bolduc Group is firmly committed to community involvement and giving back. In 2019, Ouellet Bolduc Group created a foundation for two key reasons: promoting health and healthy habits in the community and teaching its team members about the importance of giving.

Since then, a number of other foundations have been established, often at the request of clients and team members who were impressed and touched by the initiative.


Ouellet Bolduc Group decided to redistribute the Foundation’s investment income for the first time in 2022. A $1,500 donation was awarded to Fondation du Centre jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent. The money was used to by 11 sets of cookware for youths leaving the centre to move into their first apartment.

remise chèque

"We need to make sure young adults get off to a good start in life so that they can become active members of society. Fondation du Centre jeunesse Bas-Saint-Laurent plays a crucial role in making this happen and we're very proud to be able to support them. For some, the prospect of leaving a youth center and striking it out on their own can be intimidating. We hope our contribution will help them be successful and want to prepare comforting home-cooked meals."

– Daniel Ouellet, Portfolio Manager
Ouellet Bolduc Group at Desjardins Securities

"We're thrilled to have this support from Ouellet Bolduc Group and we're grateful for their generosity. With this donation, the Foundation will be able to offer a complete cookware set to the young people who are leaving the center and moving into their first apartment. Having the equipment they need will encourage them to discover the joy of cooking, maintain healthy eating habits and spend less on food."

– Patricia Allard, Coordinator
Fondation du Centre jeunesse Bas-Saint-Laurent

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