What sets us apart

Our investment philosophy

When investing, we focus on keeping your capital secure. The risk you run is losing money, not being beaten by an index, especially in the short term.

Our performance

Plus our careful approach and processes

The first thing you'll notice is our performance, but you'll also appreciate our careful approach and processes.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and helping you understand what we do, including how we manage risk, financial market developments and changes in your portfolio.

Our customer service

Every day, 5 members of our team are there to serve you and meet your needs. They work closely with your investment advisor. They know you and are pleased to do business with you.

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For example: Our community engagement

We're investing in the future

Our team has made healthy lifestyle choices, and we're proud of that. Balancing family, work and physical fitness promotes longevity and excellence. We also promote healthy choices in our community.

We encourage our friends and family, partners and clients to join us in the following causes:

  • Arrache-Cœur challenge for the Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Grand défi Pierre Lavoie
  • Vélos affaires BSL
  • Marathon SFL de Rimouski
  • École du vélo and Les P'tits Braquets
  • Maison Marie-Elisabeth mountain bike challenge
  • Rimouski Dauphins Swim Club
  • Big Spin (donation to the Canadian Cancer Society)
  • La Cavale running club

A message from Pierre Lavoie

The best investment you can make is in your health.

Seeing your financial investments grow is always nice, but it doesn't matter much if you're not healthy. To make sure you're as healthy physically as you are financially in retirement, you need to invest in your "health RRSP" every day!

The Ouellet-Bolduc Group understands this. They are a shining example of being just as adept financially as they are physically.

I'd like to congratulate and thank the whole team for their key contribution to the well-being of tomorrow's society, which will likely be completely different from today's.

Pierre Lavoie

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