Our wealth management

Our approach combines the advice and services required to meet the investment needs and the retirement, tax or estate* planning needs of your familyFootnote1.

We do our utmost to offer personalized and exclusive wealth management services with the attention you deserve.

Our wealth management approach

Your financial affairs and investments have become complex. They require skilled professional attention as well as extensive planning. And in every aspect of your life, you have come to expect higher levels of service and personal attention.

We focus our attention on what you need in terms of retirement planning and portfolio management services. We can also work with your tax advisor and your legal advisor and offer you suggestions on how to optimize your tax strategies. In addition, we will recommend an investment portfolio built according to your personal goals, your risk tolerance and your investment horizon.

Trust is at the heart of our business practices

We realize that the quality of an advisor is measured not only by the advisor's technical expertise but also by his or her conduct, which must be appropriate and ethical. We believe that the advisors who are most appreciated by clients are those who follow the best business practices. In short, the client-advisor relationship is based above all on trust.  And trust is based on an advisor's credibility and ability to listen, because we believe that it is by being attentive to our clients that we can best understand their needs. Our credibility is directly tied to our expertise and our know-how.


Discretionary management

We also provide discretionary management that lets you delegate responsibility for investment decisions. Your portfolio is built on the basis of your growth and income needs and your risk tolerance, with tax considerations taken into account. Since your approval is not required for each trade, we can help you capitalize on investment opportunities quickly and efficiently. We work in accordance with the specific guidelines established beforehand in your investment policy, and we comply with our industry’s highest regulatory standards. With our monthly written communications, our telephone follow-ups and our periodic meetings, we keep you fully informed of market trends and your portfolio’s performance.

Our communication plan

With our monthly written communication, our telephone follow-ups and our periodic meetings, we keep you well informed about market trends and the performance of your portfolio.

  1. Through Desjardins Securities Financial Services or the Caisse network.Return to footnote 1 referrer
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