Leblanc Martineau St-Hilaire, Investment Advisors

You don't venture onto a long-distance running trail without having undergone rigorous training. And when you begin your run, you have to manage your resources efficiently, take environmental factors into account, and be able to adapt to situations.

Similarly, you should not invest in the stock market without proper planning. Rigorous and prudent risk management, an excellent understanding of the financial markets, and the ability to react quickly and to adjust is what we offer our clients, while keeping in mind their objectives.

Our team

As the winner of the Advisor of the Year award in 2014, and nominee for the award the following year, the Leblanc Martineau St-Hilaire Team stands apart from its peers. This distinction recognizes the team’s professionalism, the quality of their portfolio management service and the exceptional contribution they have made to Desjardins Securities.

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