Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy and investment process

We believe that financial performance requires a well-defined management framework. Since preserving your capital is our priority, we design our investment strategies according to fundamental long-term investment principles.

Since the economic environment has a decisive impact on companies and their “financial behaviour,” we favour a “top-down” approach. Following a sequential logic, our investment process involves 3 steps:

  1. Analyzing the global economic environment
  2. Determining appropriate geographic and sector allocation
  3. Selecting the investments that will make up your portfolio

Our client approach

Our approach was designed to make you feel at ease. We guide you through each step:

  1. Collecting your information to get to know you better
  2. Determining your goals and assess your needs
  3. Selecting your investment solution
  4. Presenting your lifecycle approach1
  5. Ensuring re-balancing and follow-ups with respect to your lifecycle
  1. Our lifecycle approach includes taking care of all your wealth management needs: Meeting schedules; Number of discussions required to develop a comprehensive wealth management plan; Ongoing processes; Personalized management based on your current needs.Return to footnote 1 referrer
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