Your retirement

Never underestimate the importance of retirement planning. With today’s life expectancy, you could have more than 30 years of retirement ahead of you. There is no one way to retire – and no one way to plan for it. Every situation is unique.

Our role is to guide you through every step of the planning process, by defining what kind of retirement you want and figuring out how to make it happen. When it comes to retirement, we have extensive experience. Hundreds of people have consulted us on this subject, and continue to do so, year after year.


We have the expertise—now it’s your turn to benefit from our 360° approach. Having worked with numerous clients, we know what it takes to plan for a secure retirement. This means that we’re well-equipped to address any major issues that may come up.

One step at a time

We help you take a realistic look ahead and make crucial decisions that will ensure your current and future well-being.

Retirement planning We will assess your situation and work with you to answer these strategic questions: when, how and how much.
Wealth transfer and estate planning Transferring different types of assets (stocks, real estate, business assets) in the most efficient way must be carefully planned.
Donations As you approach retirement, you may want to consider contributing to a charitable organization as part of your estate planning.
Pre-retirement You may want to adjust your income streams or investor profile as you approach retirement.
Making the transition When the time comes, you will have important decisions to make about your financial needs, income streams and tax strategies.
Retirement It is particularly important to regularly reassess your investment plan during this stage of your life.
End of life We support clients and their families when a member approaches the end of life. We provide advice on asset transfer, estate settlement and inheritance management decisions.
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