1. After a strong start to the second quarter in April, markets turned more hesitant in May.

    Details : Financial Letter - June 2023
  2. What does 2023 hold for us: A soft landing, recession or stagflation?

    Details : Financial Letter - December 2022
  3. Since the start of the year, investor confidence has been sorely tested.

    Details : Financial Letter - March 2022
  4. The stock market’s performance in 2021 was a nice surprise given the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

    Details : Financial Letter - January 2022
  5. Here is a summary on macroeconomic trends and the outlook for the stock market in 2021 and onwards based on data collected by the independent firm BCA Research.

    Details : Financial Letter - March 2021
  6. After a solid recovery from the spring shutdown, global economic growth hit some short-term snags.

    Details : Financial Letter - October 2020
  7. How do I choose a full-service Wealth Manager? What aspects should I consider to make sure I make the right choice? In this article, we give you five concrete tips for choosing the best Wealth Manager for your situation.

    Details : Five tips for choosing your Wealth Manager
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