• "We’ve always been impressed with the level of professionalism at Caisse populaire de Cornwall, from the range of individual and business services, to the interest the staff shows in meeting our needs. They know us by name at the caisse. We feel that we’re much more than a statistic for head office.

    In 2003, we were introduced to the Desjardins Securities professionals. What impressed us most was how much time and attention they devoted to our relatively modest portfolio. We meet with them regularly to go over our investments and we always welcome their sound advice. Over the years, we’ve transferred all our other investments and RRSPs to Desjardins Securities.

    Today, we feel that we can fully enjoy our retirement because we know that our life savings are managed by competent professionals who are making it grow."

    July 2013

    — Bernice and Gérald Lefebvre
    Members of Caisse populaire de Cornwall for 25 years

  • "The Schwaar-Yelle Group came to my rescue when I had several complex financial dealings going on at once, which included settling a complicated family estate, opening a corporate account, and streamlining a personal investment strategy that was too broad. I’d had a hard time with another company that simply didn’t have the knowledge and approach required. Mr. Schwaar’s team demonstrated that they had a solid grasp of my files, was highly receptive and listened, paid meticulous attention to detail and provided exact and speedy responses.

    Being involved with managing a team of health professionals, and knowing the ABCs of customer service, I can assure you that I understand the factors that contribute to excellent service quality—and they often depend on the human capital quality, rather than technical resources."

    — Dr. Bourque

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