• In a very special case, one of our clients had set the priority of consolidating his assets at a single location in order to simplify estate matters. This client had assets in Ontario, Quebec and the United States. His second priority concerned the taxation aspect.

    Together, we scheduled a series of meetings to find solutions for the issues identified. The task of collecting information proved challenging due to the nature of the documents we had to compile. We then proceeded to analyze the information collected and form an overview of the situation in order to present him with our recommendations and a plan for implementing them. Extremely impressed by our rigour and wealth-management approach, our client then authorized us to implement the proposed strategy.

    Today, he is our most important client and has opted for fee-based compensation for our professional services. We are continuing the cycle with him, including regular assessments of the strategies that would be most advantageous for him, particularly regarding the taxation of his estate.

    This gratifying experience taught us that by seeking complementary skills elsewhere, we can improve our clients’ lives. And it is why today, during our analysis and research process in very specific cases, we choose to work with professionals who have recognized skills in integrated financial planning, including individual pension plans (RRI), tax and estate planning, trusts, personal insurance and annuities, transfers of farming and non-farming businesses, private foundations, philanthropy, and even oenology (winemaking).

    JFS Group

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