Account and Range of Products

Our Solutions

Again like the apple tree, we strive to support our clients at each and every stage of their life, from putting down roots to reaping the harvest. Our wealth management services are designed for wealthy clients.

We also offer a full range of accounts and investment products.

Types of Accounts and Range of Products

  • Regular accounts
  • Registered accounts (REER, LIRA, RIFF, LIF, TFSA, RESP)
  • Elite program (fee-based, minimum of $100,000)

Access to All Types of Investments

  • Stocks listed on North American stock exchanges
  • Bonds, stripped coupons and other
  • Money market instruments
  • Investment funds, private investments, structured products
  • Life insuranceFootnote1


  1. Life insurance offered by Desjardins Securities Financial Services.Return to footnote 1 referrer
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