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The roots – Planning to meet your needs

A tree can only grow strong and healthy if it has firmly anchored roots. The same thing applies in wealth management, where it is essential to meet your basic needs regarding:

The trunk – Implementing strategies

The tree trunk withstands the weather and transports nutrients to the leaves and flowers, and ultimately, the fruit. In wealth management, the trunk permits the implementation of:

  • tax strategies
  • strategies for building capital, and
  • guidelines for managing investments.

Investments are much like the apple tree, whose growth can be affected by the changing seasons and weather. This is why we go all out to ensure maximum growth by adapting our strategies to the prevailing environment.

The fruit – Reaping the harvest

The fruit represents the culmination of the apple tree’s long growth process. Similarly, after years of growth, we can harvest the fruit produced by the sound management of your wealth and take advantage of the results of your capital accumulation. The strategies put in place at this time will help you determine:

  • how to take full advantage, and
  • how to pass the benefits on to your estate, and in some cases, to charities.

Harvesting the fruit, an important stage in wealth management, is only possible if the tree has solid foundations: its roots and trunk.

The core of the trunk – Capital preservation and intergenerational transfer

You have to cut through five layers to get to the core of the trunk (the heartwood). The core transports nutrients and water from the roots upward, while the outer layers (bark) protect the inner tissues. To our minds, this structure provides a perfect picture of investment management. Building a solid portfolio requires:

  • several protective layers or filters before we make the final choice
  • going through several stages and ensuring consistency in our selections

Advantageous compensation adapted to suit you

Our services are compensated according to a fee-based formula, which offers numerous advantages for both you and us. We all gain from it!

Foreseeable and with “no surprises,” our fees cover all our wealth management services and are calculated on the basis of your total asset value. This means that a declining rate applies; in other words, it decreases as your capital grows. You can also reduce the rate you pay by combining your portfolio with those of your family members.

Lastly, it’s important to know that the fees charged on a non-registered account are tax-deductible.

  1. With the collaboration of the JFS Group, some services are offered through Desjardins Financial Securities Financial Services, the Desjardins Caisse network or external professionals.Return to footnote 1 referrer
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